Tuesday, February 27th: Cards Against Humanity in Sacramento


For all the horrible humans out there teaching themselves Spanish- we’re hosting a Cards Against Humanity game night, en español... 

Join us Tuesday, February 27th 2018 at 6pm for a margarita and a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity at Midtown's Cantina Alley (2320 Jazz Alley, Sacramento, CA 95816). 

The fabulous bartenders at the Cantina Alley will be taking orders in both Spanish and English, so you can practice ordering your tacos and a cocktail en español. 

All Spanish language skill-levels welcome- from total novice to native speakers. We’ll have a professional Spanish teacher available to answer any questions and help keep the conversation going, as well as printed translation guidebooks to Cards Against Humanity (for ease of playing).

We’ll be playing for keeps: whichever player wins the most black cards during a 45 minute round of competitive game-play wins their very own Spanish Cards Against Humanity deck. In the event of a tie, we’ll draw a name from a hat.  

If you'd like to skip the game itself, you're still welcome to swing on by, order a cocktail en español, and chat with fellow Spanish speakers at the bar (RSVPs are for gameplay only).

The event is free, but we do ask that you purchase food or a beverage from the Cantina (and tip your waiter/bartender).



DIY Spanish immersion, no suitcase or airfare required. @DoYouComprende