Recipe: Copitas de Camarón

This delicious shrimp recipe was developed by the crew at Tasty, but we've translated it for you below so you can whip up dinner en español! You can follow Tasty's Spanish recipes on Instagram: @tastysabores.


Here's the Video Translation:

6 Tortillas de harina= 6 flour tortillas (tor-ti-yah de ah-rih-nah)   

2 cucharadas de Mantequilla derretida = 2 spoonfuls of melted butter (coo-cha-ra-das de man-te-key-ya de-rr-e-ti-da)

Hornear= to cook in the oven (nay-e-ar)

190c= 374f Celsius is the same word in English & in Spanish

10 minutos= 10 minutes (mi-new-tos)

Camarones= shrimps (ka-ma-ron-es)

1 cucharadita de sal- 1 teaspoon of salt (cu-cha-ra-de-ta de sa-al) The -ito/-ita at the end of a word means the small one or small version.

½ cucharadita de Pimienta= ½ teaspoon of pepper (cu-cha-ra-de-ta de pe-mi-en-ta)

1 cucharadita de Comino= 1 teaspoon of cumin (cu-cha-ra-di-ta de co-me-no)

1 cucharadita de Pimenton = 1 teaspoon of bell pepper or sweet pepper (cu-cha-ra-di-ta de pe-men-ton). The -ton ending means the big one or opposite of ito/ita.

½ cucharadita de Chile en polvo= ½ teaspoon  of chili powder (cu-cha-ra-di-ta de chi-le en poll-vo)

¼ cucharadita de Pimienta de cayena= ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper (cu-cha-ra-di-ta de pe-mi-en-ta de cai-en-na)

2 dientes Ajo =2 garlic cloves  (dee-en-tays ah-ho)  “js” in Spanish are pronounced like “hs”

Jugo de limon= lime juice (hu-go de lee-mon).

2 Aguacates en cubos =  2 avocados in cubes (ah-gu-ah-cah-tes en cu-bos)

Tomates 1 taza en cubos = tomatoes 1 cup in cubes (toe-mah-tes ta-zah en cu-bos)

Cebolla morada 1 taza en cubos = purple onion 1 cup in cubes (se-boy-ah mor-ah-da ta-zah en cu-bos)

Jalapeno ¼ taza en cubos= jalapeno ¼ cup in cubes (ha-la-pen-yo  ta-zah en cu-bos)

Cilantro ¼ taza = Cilantro ¼ cup (see-lan-tro 1/4 ta-zah)