Ways to Disagree, en español

(Formas de desacuerdo)

The word “No” is the same in English and in Spanish. In a pinch- “No” is usually enough to convey the basic gist of your dissent, but, when disagreeing demands precision here are a few other phrases you might find useful….


No way! = ¡Qué va!  (Kay vah!)

Not at all = Para nada (Pair-ah nada)

Never = Nunca (Noon-kah)

Never ever = Jamás (Ham-as) Also means At no time, Never in my life

I doubt it = Lo dudo (Low doo-doh)

Of course not! = ¡Claro que no! (Cla-roh kay no)

I don’t believe so = No lo creo, Creo que no (No lo cray-oh, Cray-oh kay no). Also means I don’t believe it.

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