The Basics

(Los conceptos básicos)

Here are some basic fundamentals to get you started chatting it up en español....


Yes = Sí (See)

No = No (Noh)

OK = Vale (Va-lay) You can also just say “OK” which means the same in English and Spanish.

Hello = Hola (O-La)

Good Bye = Adiós (Ad-E-ose)

My name is Sonia = Me llamo Sonia {Literally: I call myself Sonia}. You can also say: Mi nombre es Sonia {Literally: “My name is Sonia”} or Yo soy Sonia {Literally: I am Sonia}

Nice to meet you = Mucho Gusto (Moo-Cho Goose-toe). You can also say: Encantado (if you’re male), Encantada (if you’re female). It means “charmed” or “Delighted” (en-cAn-tah-doe)

Good Morning = Buenos días (boo-eh-oss-de-as)

Good Afternoon = Buenas tardes (boo-eh-nas-ta-rr-des)

Good Evening = Buenas noches (boo-eh-nas-noo-ch-es)

How are you? = ¿Cómo estás? OR ¿Qué tal? (coo-mo-ess-tas)

Good = Bueno (Boo-eh-no)

Very good = Muy bueno (Mu-yee-boo-eh-no)

Well = Bien (Bee-en)

Very well = Muy bien (Mu-ye-Bee-en)

I’m fine = Estoy bien (ess-toy Bee-en)

I’m not so good = No estoy muy bien (noh- ess-toy bee-en)

I’m sorry = Lo siento (low sea-en-toe)


I don’t understand = No entiendo (no en-tea-en-doe)

I don´t understand you = No te entiendo (no tee en-ti-en-doe)

I don’t know = No sé (No-say)

Please = Por favor (po-or-fah-or)

Thank You = Gracias (grr-ah-cee-a-ss)

I’m sorry = Lo siento (low see-en-toe)

You’re Welcome, No worries = De Nada (De nah-dah) {Literally: It’s Nothing}

Many, Much, a lot of = Mucho (Moo-Ch-o)

Not much= No mucho (No Moo-Ch-o)

A little = Poco (Poo-co)

Thanks so much = Muchas Gracias (moo-ch-ass grr-ah-cee-as)

Fast = Rápido (r-A-pee-doe)

Not so fast = No tan rápido (Noh ta-n r-A-pee-doe)

Slowly = Despacio (de-ss-pah-see-oo)

Slower = Más despacio {literally: more slowly} (ma-ah-s-de-ss-pah-see-oo)

More = Más (ma-ah-ss)

Less = Menos (meh-noss)

I = Yo (yo)

I am = Yo soy OR Yo estoy (Yo soy, Yo ess-toy)

I want... = Yo quiero…(yo key-err-oo)

I like... = Me gusta…(me goose-ta)

I don´t like... = No me gusta….(noh meh goose-tah)

I have = Yo tengo (yo te-nn-goo)

There is OR There are = Hay (ah-ye)

You = Tú

He = Él (eh-ll)

She = Ella (eh-yah or eh-jah)

My = Mi (mee)

Mine = Mío (mee-oo)

How do you say...? = ¿Cómo se dice...? (coh-mo seh de say)

How do you say ______ in Spanish? = Cómo se dice _____ en español?  (coh-mo seh de say en ess-pan-yol)

What time is it? = ¿Qué hora es? (k orr-ah-es)