Spanish for Your Dog

(Español Para Tu Perro)

The real key to retaining the Spanish you’re learning is to use it- we lose it if we don’t use it. And you know who would love to practice speaking Spanish with you? Your dog- that’s who. Cause nobody loves you more than your dog (probably not even your mom).


The Basics:

Sit = Siéntate (see-EN-tah-teh)

Stay = Quédate ahí (Kay-dah-teh  Ah-EE) {Literally: Stay there}

Come = Ven (VEHn)

Leave it = Déjalo (DEH-ha-loh)

Drop it = Bótalo (BOH-tah-loh)

Find it = Búscalo (BOOs-kah-loh)

Off = Sal - (SAhl)

Lay = Échate (EH-chah-teh)

Down = Abajo (Ah-BAh-hoh)

Up = Arriba (Ah-rhEE-bah)

Fetch = Atrápalo (Ah-trAH-pah-loh)

Yes! = ¡Eso! (EH-saw) {Literally: That!}

No = No (Noh)

OK = Muy bien (Mo-oi Bee-EN) {Literally: Very well}

Quiet = Cállate (KAH-yah-teh)


Other Really Important Stuff:

Let’s go! = ¡Vamos! (Va-moss)

Go potty = Al baño (Ahl ba-n-yo) {Literally: Go to the bathroom}

Good boy! = ¡Buen niño! (Boo-EN Neen-yo)

Good girl! = ¡Buena niña! (Boo-EN-a Neen-ya)

Who’s a good girl? = ¿Quién es una buena niña? (Kee-En  es  Oo-na  Boo-Enah Neen-ya)

Who’s a good boy? = ¿Quién es un buen niño? (Key-en es oo-no  Boo-En - Neen-yo)

Who loves you? = ¿Quién te quiere? (Kee-EN tea kee-air-eh)

Get your ball = Trae tu pelota (TrAH-eh too  peh-loh-tah)

What did you do? = ¿Qué hiciste? (Kay  ee-sis-teh)

Go to your crate = Anda a tu jaula (AN-dah  ah  too ha-oo-lah)