Words that are the Same in English & Spanish

Get ready to level up your vocabulary: here are 15 words that are the same in English and Spanish….


El alcohol = Alcohol (al-co-ol)

El animal = Animal (ah-knee-mahl)

El bar = Bar (bar)

El chocolate = Chocolate (chalk-o-latte)

El control = Control (cone-troll)

El criminal (m), La criminal (f) = Criminal (cree-me-nal)

El doctor (m), La doctora (f) = Doctor (doc-torrr)

La explosión = Explosion (ex-plo-see-own)

El festival = Festival (fes-tee-vall)

El hospital = Hospital (oh-spee-tahl)

El hotel = Hotel (oh-tell)

El mango = Mango (mahn-go)

La pasta = Pasta (pah-stah)

La radio = Radio (rah-dee-oh)

La religión = Religion (reh-lee-he-own)

Fun fact: in linguistics, words from different languages that have the same root origins are called Cognates.