Spanish for the Taqueria

Here's everything you need to know to order tacos en español, just how you like em.... 


Taco Accoutrements

Green salsa = La salsa verde (sahl-sah ver-day)

Red salsa = La salsa roja (sahl-sah row-hoe)

Lime = El limón (lee-mone)

Cilantro = El cilantro (see-lahn-tro)

Onion = La cebolla (seh-boy-ya)

Tortilla = La tortilla (tore-tee-yah)

Salt = La sal (sahl)

Cactus slices = Los nopales (no-pahl-es)


Types of Tacos

Carnita tacos = Tacos de carnitas (car-neet-ahs). Ingredients: braised and seasoned pork shoulder, usually served with tomatoes, onions, salsa, guacamole, and refried beans in a tortilla.

Taquitos = Tacos dorados (door-ah-dose) {Literally: Golden tacos}. Ingredients: Beef, cheese, or chicken rolled into a tortilla and fried.

Alambre tacos = Tacos de alambre (ah-lahm-bray) {Literally: Wire tacos}. Ingredients: Beef, chopped bacon or chorizo, peppers, onions, cheese, salsa, and avocado in a tortilla:

Barbecued pork tacos = Tacos de barbacoa (bar-bah-ko-ah). Ingredients: Caribbean-inspired meats typically roasted over an open fire, usually served with cilantro and onion:

Mixed tacos = Tacos surtidos (sur-tee-dose). Usually everything edible from the animal on a tortilla (which tastes better than it sounds).

Al pastor tacos = Tacos al pastor (ahl pah-store) {Literally: Shepard’s tacos} Ingredients: spit-roasted lamb, cilantro, onions, lemon or lime, salsa, and sometimes pineapple. A Lebanese inspired dish brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants:

Chorizo tacos = Tacos de chorizo (chor-ee-so). Ingredients: Chorizo, beans, cilantro, purple onion, salsa verde.

Beef & longaniza tacos = Tacos campechanos (cahm-pe-cha-nos) {Literally: Tacos from Campeche (a state in Mexico)}. Ingredients: multiple meats (usually beef and pork), onions, salsa, lime.

Tripe tacos = Tacos de tripas (tree-pahs). Ingredients: the cleaned and boiled small intestines of farm animals, cilantro, onions, chile sauce, pico de gallo, and guacamole:

Suadero tacos = Tacos de suadero (swa-dare-oh). Ingredients: Suadero (a thin piece of beef from between the belly and legs of a cow):


 Useful Phrases for the Taqueria

One order of _______, please. = Una orden de _______, por favor.  (oona or-den day _______, poor fah-vor)

With everything? = ¿Con todo? (kon toe-doh) In Mexico, “con todo” usually means adding onion and cilantro to your tacos and the taquero (person making tacos) will ask you this before serving you.

And to drink? = ¿Y para tomar? (ee pah-rah toe-mahr)

Without ________. = Sin ________. (sin)


Not Tacos, But Equally Delicious Taqueria Grub

Gringas = Al pastor meat with cheese inside of a flour tortilla (green-gahs)

Queso fundido = Melted cheese mixed with chorizo and eaten with chips (kay-so foon-dee-doh)

Tortas = Mexican sandwich (tor-tahs)


And Lastly...

A Taquero is someone who makes or sell tacos, and in Mexico, they'll likely call you by one of two common nickname when you're placing your order:

Young person = Joven (hoe-ven). This is a nickname the taquero will probably call you- regardless of your age.

Light-skinned person = Güero (m), Güera (f) (weh-roe, weh-rah). This is a nickname the taquero will probably call you- regardless of your skin tone.