Spanish for Your Walls

Here're 14 Spanish language posters to help infuse the world around you with a little español....

"Lo esencial es invisible para los ojos" El Principito = "The essential is invisible to the eyes” The Little Prince

Designed by Pri at StudioInfinito as a Tabla de Visión Ocular (Eye vision table) and available via Etsy.

Duende (or tener duende) = Having Soul.

This is an artistic term derived from the Spanish word Duende which refers to an elf or goblin-like creature in Spanish mythology. This print was designed by Samantha Abbott and is available via Etsy

La vida es para vivirla = Life is for living

Designed by Colette at Raw Art Letterpress and is available via Etsy.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa = My House Is Your House

Designed by Ram Lal and is available via Etsy.

Las olas dicen a la costa firme - Todo será cumplido =  The waves say to the firm coast - Everything will be fulfilled.

This quote is by Chilean poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda. The letterpress print was designed by Colette at Raw Art Letterpress and is available via Etsy.

Besamé Mucho = Kiss Me a Lot

Designed by Anne Taroni and available via Etsy.


Buen Provecho = Bon Appetite

Designed by Lizet and is available via Etsy.

Esta es tu vida, haz lo que amas = This is your life, do what you love

This print is available via the Holstee website

Te Quiero Hasta La Luna y Más Allá = I Love You to the Moon and Back

Designed by Ebony Nichols and available via Etsy.

Hasta La Vista = See You Later

Print designed by Milena Simic and available via Etsy.

Te Amo = I Love You

Designed by Kaya and available via Etsy.


Fiesta Like There's No Manana = Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

This Spanglish poster was designed by Art Paper Scissors and available via Etsy


Dulces Sueños = Sweet Dreams

Designed by Silvia at Pine Row Designs and available via Etsy.

Lo Mejor Está Por Venir = The Best is Yet to Come

Designed by Lizet and available via Etsy