Ways to Agree in Spanish

Here’re 10 different words and phrases you can use to express agreement when you're chatting it up en español.


Probably = Probablemente (Pro-bahb-ley-men-teh)

Absolutely = Absolutamente (Ab-soul-loo-tah-men-teh)

Of course! = ¡Claro que sí! (Clah-roh kay see) {Literally: of course yes} You can also say: Por supuesto (Pour soo-pues-toe) or ¡Claro! (Clah-roh)

Yes = Sí (See)

OK = Vale (Vah-leh)

I believe so = Yo creo. (Yo Crey-yo) {Literally: I believe}

I think so = Yo pienso (Yo pee-in-so)

Me Too = Yo también (Yo tam-bee-in), or A mi también (Ah mee tam-bee-in)*

Me neither = Yo tampoco (Yo tam-poh-koh) or A mi tampoco (Ah mee tam-poh-koh)*

I agree = Estoy de acuerdo (Es-toy dey ah-koo-er-doh)

You’ll find a few ways to disagree, right here.


*To know which of these phrases you should use, you’ll need to be able to recognize a reflexive verb so you can mimic the same tone and speech pattern you’re agreeing with. If the person you’re responding to is using a reflexive verb (like “me” instead of “yo”), you’ll say A mi también or A mi tampoco in response. If they used a normally conjugated (non-reflexive) verb you’ll use Yo también or Yo tampoco.