Spanish Coloring Books!

Grab your colored pencils- because we've found a few Teach Yourself Spanish coloring books that you're gonna love....


"Chinga tu What?" designed by Yeritson Wierth. If intricate patterns, typography, and profanity are your thing, this is the coloring book for you. Features Spanish swear words from Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, and Peru- with translations and definitions on each facing page.


"He decidido usar el sarcasmo porque matar es ilegal" (I have decided to use sarcasm because killing is illegal) designed by Papeterie Bleu. The typography and patterns in this sarcastic passive-aggressive Spanish phrase book are stellar- it doesn't have translations right in the book (bummer, we know), but Google translate exists, so...


"Si la vida te da un palo, hazte una escoba y echa a volar" (If life gives you a stick, make a broom and fly), designed by Papeterie Bleu. Excellent typography, great paper, blast to color. Again, no translations in the book itself, and there's a bit more black space that is uncolorable than in Chinga tu What?! but it's still a fantastic sweary Spanish coloring book. 

And here're a few more to choose from....

"Sweary Skulls" designed by Honey Badger Coloring Books. This coloring book features intricate sugar skull designs each featuring a different Spanish swear word from Mexico or Spain.

"Mandalas,  patrones florales, y frases de inspiradores" (Mandalas, Floral Patterns, and Motivational Quotes) designed by Polidea Creative. Features 66 pages of inspirational Spanish quotes combined with sacred mandalas and waves of floral patterns. 

"Palabras de inspiración" designed by Zondervan. 64 pages long and features 30 different inspirational bible verses.