Spanish Guide to Shoes


Sandals = Las sandalias (lahs sahn-dah-lee-ahs)

Flip flops = Las chanclas (lahs chahn-klahs).  You'll hear this in Cards Against Humanity in Spanish, since it's commonly used as a joke to refer to latin mothers punishing their children. Urban Dictionary defines a chancla as "The deadliest weapon known to a Latin kid; a flying slipper/ flip-flop."

Flats = Los flats (lohs flahts)

Ballet flats = Las balerinas (lahs bah-lair-ee-nahs) OR Las zapatillas de ballet (lahs sah-pah-tee-yahs deh bah-let)

Espadrilles = Las alpargatas (lahs ah-par-gah-tahs)

Moccasins  = Los mocasines (lohs mo-kah-see-nehs)

Boat shoes =  Los náuticos (lohs now-tee-kohs)

Wedge Sandals = Las sandalias con plataforma (lahs sahn-dah-lee-ahs con plah-tah-for-mah) {Literally: Platform sandals}

Dress sandals = Las zapatillas de noche (lahs sah-pah-tee-yahs deh no-cheh)

Gladiator sandals = Las sandalias estilo gladiador  (lahs sah-pah-tee-yahs eh-stee-loh glah-dee-ah-dor)

Flat sandals = Sandalias de Piso (lahs sahn-dah-lee-ahs deh pee-so) {Literally: floor sandals}

Huaraches = A type of Mexican sandal (wah-rah-chehs)

Slippers = Las pantuflas (lahs pahn-too-flahs)

Sneakers = Las zapatillas (lahs sah-pah-tee-yahs), or Los tenis (lohs teh-nees)

Running Shoes = Los tenis (lohs teh-nees)

High tops = Los tenis de bota (lohs teh-nees deh boe-tah) {Literally: Tennis shoes of boot)

Dress shoes = Los zapatos (lohs sah-pah-tos)

Oxfords = Los zapatos de vestir (lohs sah-pah-tos deh beh-steer)

Saddle shoes = Los balmorales (lohs bahl-mor-ah-les)

Heels / Pumps = Los zapatos de tacón (lohs zah-pah-toe-s deh tah-kon)

Chunky Heels = Los tacones anchos (lohs tah-kon-ehs ahn-chos) {Literally: Wide heels}

Stilettos =  Los tacones altos (lohs tah-kon-es ahl-tos) {Literally: High heels}

Clogs = Los suecos (lohs sweh-kos) {Literally: Swedes}

Baby shoes = Los zapatos de bebé (lohs sah-pah-tohs deh beh-beh)

Water shoes = Los zapatos para agua (lohs sah-pah-tos pa-rah ah-gwah)

Climbing shoes = Los zapatos para escalar (lohs sah-pah-toe-s pa-rah eh-ska-lahr)

Booties = Los botines (lohs boh-tee-ness)

Surfing booties = Los zapatos de surf (lohssah-pah-toe-s deh soorf)

Scuba booties = Los botines de buceo (lohs boh-tee-ness deh boo-seh-oh)

Boots  = Las botas (lahs boe-tahs) {Literally: Boots}

Work boots = Las botas de trabajo (lahs boe-tahs deh trah-bah-ho)

Rain boots = Las botas para la lluvia (lahs boe-tahs pa-rah lah jew-vee-ah)

Hiking boots = Las botas de montaña (lahs boe-tahs deh moan-tah-nyah) {literally: Boots of mountain}

Climbing boots = Las botas para escalar (lahs boe-tahs pah-rah co-rrrair) {Literally: Boots for climbing}

Cowboy boots = Las botas vaqueras (lahs boe-tahs bah-kair-ahs)

Pro tip from an expat: if you're going shoe shopping while traveling abroad, and you're looking for something very specific, find a photo online whenever you have wifi, download it to your phone, and show it the store owner/clerk if there's a language barrier. Photos are a foreign shopping game changer. 


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