Spanish Board Games!

Spanish game night is a great way to practice your español!

Here are a few of the best Spanish board games we've found so far...  

Spanish Bananagrams

Classic Bananagrams but with the Spanish alphabet. Features 143 total tiles. $15.59 via amazon.


Cards Against Humanity in Spanish (Cartas Contra La Humanidad) 

Not only is this game free, we've already translated it for you, right here. Definitely a blast. You'll find lots of the vocab from this game incorporated into our Spanish Words of the Day as well.

Spanish TableTopics

This Q&A card game features random entertaining questions in Spanish with English translations. Available in Original (red) and in a Family version (green). $25 via Amazon.

Telestrations in Español

This game is a blast and works for any skill level. If you're a Spanish newb, we recommend playing with a dictionary. $26 via Amazon


Spanish Scrabble

Same classic game, but featuring a Spanish language board and tiles adapted for the Spanish alphabet. Tip: break the rules and play with a dictionary- total game changer. $16 via Amazon.

Spanish Monopoly

Same classic game, just entirely in Spanish- from your board to your cards! Great way to practice talking about money in Spanish. $25 via Amazon.

Have a Spanish game you love that isn't listed here? We'd love to hear about it!