Aquí = Here


Aquí = Here (ah-kee)

As in...

  • Aquí está. = Here it is.
  • Aquí mismo. = Right here.
  • Aquí y ahora = Here and now. Aquí y ahora is also the name of a Latin news magazine and the slogan for Schweppes in Spain.

Ahora, aqui es Hugh Laurie causing mischief for Schweppes, en español....


  • Woman: Hi, I'm Pat!
  • Hugh Laurie: But... you're alive?
  • Woman: What?
  • Hugh Laurie: I've heard so many good things about you that I thought you were dead... Want a Schweppes tonic water?
  • Woman: Now? I only drink it at night. 
  • Hugh Laurie: Too many people do it only at night... and with the light off. Moreover, now in Siberia, it's night. 
  • Woman: Then, to the Siberians!
  • Hugh Laurie: To the ones who don't only do it at night.
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