Libre = Free


Libre = Free (lee-bray)

as in....

  • Barra libre = Open bar {Literally: Free bar}
  • Una Cuba libre = a Cuba libre {Literally: A free Cuba} A Cuba libre is a cocktail made with rum, coke, and lime. This was once the slogan of the Cuba Liberation Army during the war of Cuban independence from Spain. Sometime around 1900, in newly liberated Old Havana a Cuban bartender invented this cocktail for a group of American servicemen who were drinking to Cuba's victory (which you know is true- because Wikipedia says so).
  • ¡Por Cuba libre! = For Free Cuba!  Legend has it- this was the toast American soldiers cheers’d to over the first round of Cuba libres in Old Havana.
  • Manos libres = Handsfree
  • Libre albedrío = Free will
  • Tiempo libre = free time. Also the name of a grammy-nominated Cuban band
  • Tengo mucho tiempo libre. = I have a lot of free time.
  • (Él) está libre de culpa. = He is free of guilt. Meaning: He is innocent.
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