El Pedo = Fart


El Pedo = Fart (Pay-doe)
As in....

  • Pillar un pedo = to get drunk, sloshed, or plastered {Literally: to catch a fart}
  • Aquí huele a pedo. = It smells like a fart here.
  • ¿Quién se ha tirado un pedo? = Who farted? {Literally: who has thrown/kicked/discarded a fart?}
  • ¿Te acabas de echar un pedo? = Did you just fart?{Literally: did you just throw a fart?}
  • Estar pedo/peda = To be drunk. Mexican-Spanish slang
  • ¿Qué pedo wey? = What’s up dude?  {Literally: What a fart dude}


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