Solo, Sola = Alone, Only, Just


Solo (m), Sola (f) = Alone, Only, Just (Soul-O, Soul-la)

As in...

  • Café solo =  Black coffee {Literally: just coffee}, you can also say: café Negro (cafe neh-gr-ow)
  • Solo tengo cinco minutos. = I only have five minutes.
  • Solo quiero estar contigo. = I only want to be with you.
  • Necesito estar solo. = I need to be alone.
  • Estoy solo en casa. = I am home alone.
  • ¡Déjame solo! = Leave me alone!
  • “Solo sé que no sé nada” = “I know only that I know nothing”. Known as the Socratic paradox, this quote derives from Plato’s account of Socrates, though there’s no official record of Socrates ever actually saying it.