El wey = Dude


El wey OR El güey = Dude, jackass (whey) 

As in...

  • ¿Qué pedo wey? = What’s up dude?  {Literally: What a fart dude}
  • ¿Qué pasó wey? = What’s up dude?
  • ¡No mames wey! = Dude, no way!
  • ¿Cómo estás wey? = How are you dude?
  • Estás bien wey. = You’re a jackass.
  • No seas wey. = Don’t be dumb.

Said in a friendly tone, wey means dude, but it can also be used to refer to someone as a jackass. 

The proper spelling for this word is "güey", however, you're far more likely to see it spelled "wey", which is the slang spelling used for texting. Both words are pronounced the same- one is just easier to type.