Quien, Quién = Who


Quien, Quién = Who (kay-en)

With an accent mark, “quién” asks a question. When using the word "who" as a statement in español, use it without an accent mark: "quien."

As in…

  • ¿Quién? = Who?
  • ¿Quién es? = Who is it?
  • ¿Quién eres? = Who are you?
  • ¿Quién es quién? = Who is who? This is the Spanish name for the game “Guess Who”
  • ¿Quién te crees? = Who do you think you are?
  • Adivina quién viene esta noche. = Guess who’s coming tonight. This is the Spanish title for the movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.
  • Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres. = A man is known by the company he keeps. {Literally = Tell me who you walk with and I will tell you who you are.}
  • A quien madruga Dios le ayuda. =The early bird catches the worm. {Literally: God helps those who get up early.}