Besar = To kiss


Besar = To kiss (beh-sar)

Note: “El beso” is the noun that means “kiss”, besar is the verb. 

As in...

  • Dame un beso. = Give me a kiss.
  • ¿Te ha besado? = Did you get a kiss?. {Literally: Did he/she kiss you?}
  • Un beso de buenas noches = A kiss good night
  • Bésame = Kiss me
  • Bésame mucho = Kiss me a lot. You'll find Spanish wall art featuring this phrase in our recent guide: Spanish for your walls.

Present tense conjugation for Besar

Yo: beso (I kiss)

Tú:  besas (You kiss)

Él/ella/usted: besa (He/she/you kiss[es])

Nosotros/nosotras: besamos (We kiss)

Vosotros/vosotras: besáis (You guys/you all kiss)

Ellos/ellas/ustedes: besan (They/You guys [formal] kiss)