Comprender = to understand

Comprender = to understand (Kom-prehn-dare)

Comprender and entender both mean to understand. Comprender is used for big concepts like understanding war, philosophy, or religion. Entender is for understanding words, phrases, or daily communication, similar to the difference between comprehend and understand in English.

As in:

  • Te comprendo = I understand you 
  • Te comprendo perfectamente = I understand you completely 
  • Al comprender = Upon comprehending
  • Es fácil de comprender = It’s easy to understand

Present tense conjugation for Pensar

Yo: comprendo (I comprehend)

Tú: comprendes (You comprehend)

Él/Ella/Usted: comprende (He/She/You [formal] comprehends)

Nosotros: comprendemos (We comprehend)

Vosotros: comprendéis (Ya’ll comprehend)

Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes: comprenden (They/Ya’ll[formal] comprehend)

MaryJayne Zemerverbs, basics