Creer = To believe


Creer = To believe (cray-air)

As in...

  • ¡Ya lo creo! = Of course!, You bet! {Literally: I already believe it!}
  • No creo = I don't think so. You can also say: Creo que no
  • Creo que sí. OR Eso creo. = I think so.
  • Es difícil de creer. = It’s hard to believe.
  • Creo en Dios. = I believe in God.
  • ¿Quién te crees? = Who do you think you are?
  • ¡No me lo puedo creer! = I can’t believe it!
  • ¿Te lo crees? = Do you believe it?

Present Tense Conjugation for Creer

Yo: creo (I believe)

Tú:  crees (You believe)

Él/ella/usted: cree (He/she/you [formal] believe[s])

Nosotros/nosotras: creemos (We believe)

Vosotros/vosotras: creéis (You guys/you all believe)

Ellos/ellas/ustedes: creen (They/You guys [formal] believe)