La mano = Hand


La mano = Hand (lah mah-no)

Note: La mano is one of those weird words in Spanish that ends in -o, but is actually feminine! Keep in mind that adjectives associated with la mano should also be feminine!

As in...

  • Échame una mano. = Give me a hand.
  • Tengo las manos sucias. = My hands are dirty. {Literally: I have dirty hands.}
  • Lavarse las manos = To wash your hands
  • ¡Manos arriba! = Hands up!
  • Darle la mano a alguien = To shake hands with someone {Literally: To give your hand to someone}
  • En buenas manos = In good hands
  • Hecho a mano = Handmade
  • De segunda mano = Second hand