La esposa = Wife, Handcuffs


La esposa = Wife (lah eh-spoh-sah)

Cultural Sidenote: Las epsosas means both “wives” and  ‘handcuffs’ in Spanish. And no, this isn’t just a coincidence, it stems from purposeful misogyny! In the Middle Ages, the Spanish started referring to handcuffs as esposas or “wives” because of the way they hooked onto a man, trapped him, and left him without his freedom; similar to  a “ball and chain” comparison.

As in…

  • Llevo quince años con mi esposa. = I’ve been with my wife for fifteen years.
  • Mi esposa quiere una margarita, por favor. = My wife would like a margarita, please.
  • ¡Me encanta viajar con mi esposa! = I love traveling with my wife!
  • Mi esposa habla muy bien español. = My wife speaks very good Spanish.