Saber = To know


Saber = To know (sah-behr)

As in...

  • ¿Sabes qué? = You know what?
  • Lo sé. = I know.
  • Quién sabe… = Who knows... In European Spanish you'll hear “A saber” instead of “Quién sabe.”
  • No sé. = I don’t know. You can also say: No lo sé.
  • ¿Tú lo sabes? = Do you know?
  • Oye, sabías que ella… = Hey, did you know that she… (one of many ways to start gossiping)


Present tense conjugation for Saber

Yo: sé (I know)

Tú:  sabes (You know)

Él/ella/usted: sabe (He/she/you [formal] know[s])

Nosotros/nosotras: sabemos (We know)

Vosotros/vosotras: sabéis (You guys/you know)

Ellos/ellas/ustedes: saben (They/You guys [formal] know)