We're Hiring

We're hiring freelance Spanish teachers with unique niches to help launch our feature guides and events for 2018. 

If you know a Spanish teacher who would be a really fantastic fit for one of these gigs- we'd love to meet them!

To apply, use our Contact Form, and include a brief introduction and a description of your credentials. 


WANTED: Bilingual Dog Trainer

We need a bilingual dog trainer to write a vocabulary guide that teaches English-speaking dog owners basic dog commands in Spanish, and then, teach one or more in-person dog training sessions, en Español, for said dog owners.   Must be a legit dog trainer with extensive Spanish experience!

Location: Sacramento or San Francisco, California



We need a bilingual yoga instructor to write a vocabulary guide that helps native-English-speaking Spanish Students practice vinyasa en Español, and then, to teach a few English-off yoga sessions in the park. We'll organize the event(s) and pay you for your time.  Must be a certified yoga instructor with extensive Spanish experience! 

Location: Sacramento or San Francisco, California


WANTED: Bilingual Beer Geek

We need a bilingual beer geek to write a series of vocabulary guides that help native-English-speaking Spanish students chat about beer en Español- from beer styles to hop preferences, home brewing, off flavors, etc.  Cicerone certification & brewing experience preferred, extensive Spanish experience required! 

Location: anywhere in California